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Richter Retainer

The perfect combination of a Hawley and an essix retainer! With the newly patented Richter Retainer you have the best of both worlds. Greater surface contact with the incisors helps to prevent rotational relapse. With no occlusal coverage. The Richter Retainer allows for posterior settling and no more broken retainers or wear and tear from grinding. 

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How is the Richter Retainer Different?

Finishing our orthodontic patients is probably the most challenging part of their treatment. When using a “one bracket fits all” system we often fall short of the goal line: a socked in Class I occlusion with all of the functional components in place; canine guidance, no balancing side interferences and incisal guidance. Then throw in patient compliance and some of our cases just don’t finish the way we want.


One of the saving graces that we’ve had in our favor is that the posterior occlusion will settle over time using the right retention. Hawley retainers are great for this purpose as well as maintaining the transverse, but do very little in preventing rotational relapse of the incisors. Essix or overlay retainers are great at preventing rotational relapse of the incisors, but will not let the posterior occlusion settle. The Richter Retainer is a hybrid of these two retainers and brings the best benefits of the two into one retainer. It has more tooth to retainer surface on the incisors (like an Essix) preventing incisor rotational relapse and has no occlusal coverage in the posterior allowing for settling (like a Hawley).

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Dr. David Richter, the inventor of the Richter Retainer, has been using this patented technology in his practice with great success for the last six years. The Richter Retainer brings the best benefits of both into one. This is last removable retainer you will ever need.

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